Ceres DAO – The world’s first DAO governed Web3.0 decentralized digital asset management protocol


Ceres DAO – The world’s first DAO governed Web3.0 decentralized digital asset management protocol

As DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is predicted to be the next “Big Wave,” the idea of “DAO” has attracted the attention of the investors such as the founder of Space X, Elon Musk, venture funds, Sequoia, and the billionaire Mark Cuban.

According to Deepdao data on Dec. 30, 2021, more than $11.5 billion in crypto assets and nearly 2 million members are managed by 188 DAOs. DAOs come in various sizes, including but not limited to ventures, social media, and charity. There are 56 DAOs with a market value of more than $1,000,000, accounting for 33.9% of the market share, and 8 DAOs with a market value of between $500,000 to $1,000,000, accounting for 4.8% of the market share. Amongst all of the DAO, the crypto venture is one of the most important tracks of DAO. It has become the new norm of linking investors and projects seeking funding.

Pitango, one of the leading venture capital from Israel, launches a DAO to manage its investment in Web3. Pitango has over 3 billion assets under management and over 250 companies in its profile. It is one of the most promising venture capital in Web3.

Sequoia India and Southeast Asia have launched two new funds, a $2 billion early-stage venture and growth fund for India and an $850 million dedicated fund for Southeast Asia, both targeted on the projects on Web3.

Despite Defi’s explosive growth, it has some problems within. For example, centralization leads to a high threshold, which prevents smaller institutions and retail investors from entering the market. Retail investors rarely have access to all the essential information compared to institutional investors with more connections and crucial information. This information gap causes enormous selling pressure during the early stage of a project. Investors transitioning from the conventional capital market to Defi must entrust their assets to a centralized governance body, which is associated with the risk of transaction and regulation.

DAO is a significant innovation in crypto. Venture DAO enables retail investors to participate in the early stage of a project. Ventures DAO is a community-governed group seeking to invest the community’s combined capital. Ventures DAOs stand out from traditional investment vehicles because they are transparent with decisions making. DAO is bringing its impact to all the Web3 products.

Ceres, the Goddess of agriculture, grain crops, and fertility, symbolizes abundance in Greek mythology. Ceres DAO, named after Ceres, hopes to bring value to all investors. Ceres DAO is a decentralized digital asset management protocol empowered by Web 3.0. Ceres DAO’s mission is to bring decentralization and transparency to asset management. Ceres DAO has a standardized Defi asset investment model to provide unmanaged and decentralized crypto asset management services, which help to mitigate the risk of Defi. Investors can enjoy the return without the exposure to volatility and the need for active management.

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Ceres DAO adopted dual tokens economic model similar to weighted voting right in the traditional capital market. It has two tokens, namely, CES and CRS. CES is the voting-right token, while CRS is the non-voting-right liquidity token.

Users can obtain CES through minting, while CRS is obtained by staking, secondary market, or CES conversion. CES can be converted to CRS at a 1:1 ratio. There is a 20% transaction tax during the conversion of CES to CRS and allocated as follows: 10%: Treasury; 5%: LP pool (converted into stablecoins and matched with CRS token for LP); 5%: Commission (2.5% for CRS buyback-burn and 2.5% for operations).

According to the Ceres DAO protocol framework, CES can be minted through VC Pool (mainstream asset: BTC, ETH, BNB, FIL, etc.) or Bond (USDT, USDC & BUSD). 50% of the assets will be channeled into the Ceres DAO Treasury. Up to 1 billion CES is minted in one day.

CRS can be yielded by both CES and CRS staking. Daily CRS maximum output is 100 million. If the output of staking is less than 100 million, the remaining CRS will be burnt.

Each DAO or Node has its exclusive NFT (Rich Panda’s series), NFTs, and their DAOs or nodes’ rights and benefits can be freely transferred. (note: DAOs enjoy the benefits of nodes.). Fund collected during NFT minting will be distributed equally to the Treasury (50%) and royalty fee/tax (50%).

Treasury is mentioned multiple times in the article above and is the crucial component of the Ceres DAO protocol architecture. It consists of a pool of strategic investment assets representing the vision of Ceres DAO. Ceres DAO Treasury adopts the “Beta” investment strategy initially. Ceres DAO will allocate its fund to the top-class crypto assets, generating revenue through the Defi lending protocol or asset appreciation.

As the Ceres DAO community continues to grow, and with the involvement of DAOs and institutions, Treasury will actively apply the “Alpha” investment strategy under DAOs governance and maximize the returns through asset appreciation.

As Treasury continues to grow, it encourages users to participate actively in the Ceres DAO ecosystem through CES staking. 80% of the Treasury’s revenue is distributed to CES stakers, 10% to the top 50 DAOs, and 10% to operation.

There is an endless opportunity for Ceres DAO. Ceres DAO’s tokenomic and DAO governance system have massive potential to become a phenomenon in Defi.


Ceres DAO is focused on DAO investment management protocols, with decentralization as the core concept, creating growth technology and funding for new quality projects and rebuilding community trust and security, breaking the monopolistic investment structure and unequal pattern of institutions and capital, and ensuring fair access to public infrastructure for all, making quality projects truly transparent, fair investment and greater returns.

As the Treasury continues to grow in value, and with the higher return on investment, the community is motivated, and thus the healthier the Ceres DAO’s ecosystem.

Ceres DAO is committed to discovering, investing, and incubating projects with great potential. By building a comprehensive ecosystem, combining the resources from various fields, Ceres DAO is aimed to become the world’s largest decentralized digital assets management protocol and the “Berkshire Hathaway” of the crypto industry.

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