CITEX Exchange : Always put the interests of users first


CITEX Exchange : Always put the interests of users first

In the digital currency exchange market, competition is fierce. In order to attract users, many exchanges are constantly updating their technologies and optimizing their services. Among them, CITEX Exchange has gradually won the trust and support of users because of its adherence to the concept of putting users’ interests first.


1. Security guarantee: guarantee the security of user assets

CITEX Exchange attaches great importance to the security of user assets. It adopts multiple security protection systems to effectively prevent hacker attacks and asset leakage. Its excellent underlying technology solution adopts multiple offline management methods of cold wallets. It has zero security incidents in the past 5 years and has been serving customers. Asset safety escort. CITEX strictly abides by the laws and regulations of various countries, conducts real-name authentication, anti-money laundering, risk assessment and other aspects of management to ensure the compliance of transactions, has obtained the US MSB financial regulatory license , and is subject to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency (FinCEN), a subsidiary of the US Department of the Treasury . effective compliance supervision .


2. Wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of users

CITEX Exchange not only provides digital currency trading services, but also provides a variety of digital asset services such as various wealth management services, derivatives, and diversified digital asset transactions based on digital assets and mining ecology to meet the diverse needs of users . In addition to spot transactions and In addition to contract transactions, it has successively launched a number of diversified financial derivative services based on digital assets and mining ecology, such as mining pool plans, contract transactions, Youbi wealth management, wealth management services, Satking dividends, and MasterNode dividends, and has been widely recognized by users. love .


3. Multilingual support , quality service

CITEX Exchange has a professional customer service team and an efficient notification module to obtain information and data anytime, anywhere, provide loyal users with 1V1 intimate customer service support, support multi-language version transactions , and provide global users with 7*24 Hours of uninterrupted service to solve any problems of customers . In order to meet the needs of global users, CITEX trading provides multiple language interfaces for user-friendly operation.


4. High-quality projects , carefully selected high-quality digital currencies

CITEX exchange strictly screens each online project to ensure that the digital currencies on the platform are all high-quality projects. Screening criteria include project background, team strength, market potential and many other factors. Through this strict screening mechanism, CITEX can provide users with a stable and reliable investment environment.


5. Mining endorsement to provide users with risk protection

CITEX Global have been deploying mining projects since 2014. Initially, they deployed the mining industry in the form of funds, and have formed a one-stop complete service chain of procurement, custody, operation and maintenance, and repair. CITEX GLobal launches SuperData mining brand, in Al Khasa

Global deployment of mining farms in Ukraine, North America, Angola and other places, building a mining business service system, and deeply participating in the mining industry layout.

The mining industry is the largest real industry support of the CITEX platform . The mining industry has a stable output and supply chain, which provides the company with a stable source of cryptocurrency output and income , and provides users with better risk protection .


6. Global layout to create a win – win ecology


Relying on the global development strategic layout plan, CITEX implements localized operation strategies in various regions, and has established a deep-rooted community network in many countries around the world. Users in South Korea and Southeast Asia account for more than 60 % . CITEX Exchange attaches great importance to community building, and creates a win-win digital currency ecology through community interaction, event holding, and knowledge output. CITEX Exchange actively interacts with users on social media platforms, providing users with the latest industry news, event information, etc. And regularly hold online and offline activities, such as online AMA, offline salon, etc., to promote user communication and increase user stickiness . It also disseminates industry knowledge and improves users’ investment understanding and judgment ability by writing articles and publishing research reports.



CITEX Exchange focuses on the interests of users and is committed to providing users with a safe, stable and convenient digital currency trading environment. While constantly innovating and expanding business, CITEX always adheres to community building and creates a win-win digital currency ecology. Looking forward to the future, CITEX Exchange will continue to uphold the concept of user interests first, deeply cultivate the field of digital currency , and provide users with a better and safer digital currency trading experience.

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