Silicoin and MetaHero held an AMA on Discord


Silicoin and MetaHero held an AMA on Discord

Many of our Silicoin members are very interested in the upcoming game, could you please briefly introduce MetaHero?

MetaHero: MetaHero is a classic, unique tower defense game based on BSC Staking, combined with “TCG, races, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO,” where you take your team of heroes on adventures and build on each other.

This is where you can take your heroes and pets on adventures together and achieve each other in play-to-earn. With MetaHero, you can own your own world on the blockchain. Each player can win the hero by opening the blind box, leveling up, exchanging, changing career, etc., and use their hero to break through in the exciting game environment and get the game reward.

How does MetaHero difference from other GameFi? Is there any innovation in the economic model?

MetaHero: The biggest difference between MetaHero and other GameFi is that MetaHero has a very grand game ecology. Its development purpose is to occupy the largest flow entrance of human beings to the metaverse. Therefore, its ecological content is large and the ecology is very sound.

Firstly, MetaHero presents a virtual world with a relatively complete economic system for players through five major sectors, including Game system, NFT system, DeFi system, DAO system and token system, and further brings users step-by-step “play-to-earn” Game experience. This is something that other GameFi projects currently struggle to achieve.

Secondly, MetaHero also made significant innovations in the economic model that other GameFi projects couldn’t match. MetaHero has a very robust economic system. In the game ecosystem, all users can acquire heroes in various ways, and acquire ASB, MWB and HWB game assets through game levels.

You can exchange these game assets for HSPC tokens through the SWAP function, get HSPC tokens to exchange for USDT in the secondary market or exchange, or participate in game investment (DeFi) to keep your tokens intact, MHC will become game world tokens and consumer tokens will be used for in-game ecological construction. The whole economic system is interlinked, and with destruction and deflation mechanisms, the stability of HSPC and MHC tokens can be maintained for a long time.

Why did Silicoin choose to cooperate with MetaHero?

Silicoin: As a highly playable tower defense blockchain game, MetaHero supports SIT tokens, which will inject strong energy into the Silicoin ecosystem. Miners and game players make money in a similar way, and with the same logic, the two projects work together to create a good chemistry, and users can get more from projects linked together.

Can we use SIT to play MetaHero?

MetaHero: Silicoin miners can enter MetaHero’s world by exchanging the original SIT for SIT on the BSC chain via the Future Cash bridge. In MetaHero’s setting, SIT needs to be converted to HSPC and then played, instead of directly using SIT. However, the exchange process is so simple and silky that it doesn’t affect the player’s experience!

In response to the above, how can we use MetaHero NFT to trade or exchange cash?

MetaHero: MetaHero’s system has an NFT trading market. Players can sell NFT assets in it. After the transaction is successful, the buyer will receive the corresponding token, and then it can be cashed out through the secondary market. NFT is a player’s personal asset, and players have the right to dispose of their NFT freely.

Silicoin has been known to launch special events when working with each partner, will there also be one with MetaHero this time?

Silicoin: As blockchain esports is one of MetaHero’s big future directions, Silicoin is planning to collaborate with the MetaHero team to hold a game competition for the Silicoin community! Each participating user has the opportunity to receive different levels of rewards.

What impact do you think Silicoin and MetaHero will have on both sides in the future?

Silicoin: In this collaboration, MetaHero and Silicoin will work together in a friendly way and both sides will reap predictable results in their respective fields. Silicoin will promote MetaHero in the global mining community and bring in a large number of users from around the world. MetaHero, meanwhile, supports Silicoin ecosystems and creates new Staking scenarios for SIT beyond mining. Both sides, as leaders in their respective fields, will have more amazing sparks in the long-term cooperation in the future.

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