Voice Street’s Music NFT Motivates Musicians to Bring Fans into the Web3+Metaverse World


Voice Street’s Music NFT Motivates Musicians to Bring Fans into the Web3+Metaverse World

Music royalties + NFT trade + Metaverse games + Fan economy

Music NFT is the best product to build community consensus. Because every established musician has millions of fans and through NFT, they can turn their songs into music NFTs and sell them in limited quantities , or share a portion of the royalties with their fans. In addition to their music, musicians can also make NFTs based on other art and cultural derivatives, such as some commemorative videos, unreleased demos, classic posters, or concert tickets. On the one hand, it would dramatically diversify the existing income models for musicians while on the other hand could greatly motivate more proactive participation of fans who hold music NFT.

Despite these advantages, the entire NFT industry faces a problem: those who pay for scarce music NFTs are usually not true music lovers, but speculators. Most NFT investors want nothing more than to make quick profits through speculation. Such a “sell-and-exit” approach, which is common even among top artists, seriously affects the value of music NFTs and causes heavy losses to fans. How to truly serve music creators is the direction Voice Street Labs is currently exploring.

About Voice Street

Voice Street is a lab dedicated to bringing music to the world of Web3 and further functioning as an on-chain infrastructure for the Web3.0 music field. Releasing NFT alone will not bring long-term, sustainable revenue to musicians. Therefore, the company focuses on the deep development of musical works and seeks to help musicians in a more systematic way, from production (NFT trading platform) to distribution (IMO) and to subsequent operation (Metaverse music games, Metaverse concerts, DAO fan communities of musicians, live houses, NFT game props, IP of prominent celebrity images, NFT license sales). Voice Street enables broad-based development of the derivative value of music IP in a comprehensive way that enables mutually beneficial interaction between celebrities, music creators, artists and their own fans, and maximizes the value of NFT copyright and the rights of NFT holders.

Up till now, Voice Street has gradually developed three segments: music NFT, music games and music metaverse.

Music NFT

The Music NFT sector includes the NFT Trading Platform, Initial Music – Copyright Offering (IMO), and the Earning function that serves IMO.

Voice Street has developed an NFT trading platform. Musicians can use the NFT creation tools provided by the platform to generate music NFTs in a one-stop store and trade them on the platform. The platform provides an on-chain royalty revenue sharing scheme and uses a reviewing system to select musicians to be included on Voice Street. Fans can buy and invest in the NFT products of their favorite musicians.

Voice Street is also the first company to offer IMO – Initial Music Copyright Offering. This is a way for musicians to split their copyrighted music NFTs into multiple clips and tokenize them. With the funds they receive through IMO, musicians can then promote and distribute their songs and even share a percentage of the revenue with token holders.

The Music Fan Earning feature is a great way to upgrade the rights of loyal fans of musicians. Fans can use it to support musicians with the IMO tokens they own and earn rewards at the same time.

In this way, Users will be able to purchase copyrighted IMO song tokens on the Voice Street platform, receive revenue from trading the song through staking, and decide on the future operation of the song through voting in the DAO community.

Music games

Voice Street seeks long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with music creators. This requires it to be able to provide adequate derivative services. Voice Street has developed a Metaverse music game called Ark of Panda, in which ordinary music-loving players can buy NFT instruments and form bands with like-minded friends. players can also work part-time, participate in Music Road, Pet Music Ball, Rhythm Master, and Big Lots, and interact with each other and players from around the world. Meanwhile, musicians get together to play for their dreams, hold online concerts, gradually own and grow their fan DAO community, tour the world in the game, and earn VSTs by releasing their famous records.

Daffy Panda Ganging Up (DPGU) is the only pass to participate in the game. DPGU owners can not only try the game for free, but also invite other players and benefit from successful referrals – 5% of the referee’s earnings in the game will go to the referrer.

In addition, owning a DPGU offers many other benefits, such as free concert attendance forever, a unique DPGU image in the community, and only DPGU owners can mint the original land acquisition certificates.

Details about the game can be found at the link.

Music Metaverse

The Meta Universe Concert will provide a platform for musicians to interact with their fans online. So far, Voice Street has already collaborated with over 30 musicians who have millions of fans worldwide. They will soon begin their Meta Universe Concert celebration.

During the concerts, there will be a gift ranking for fans, and depending on their placement on the list, corresponding rewards will be given. To buy gifts, users need to spend IMO tokens, and depending on fan value, you can receive a blind box. There is also a possibility to get a number of exclusive NFTs (collector’s edition NFT, song poster NFT, song NFT and MV NFT, etc.).

Voice Street builds a live house music space-Land, where musicians can host private parties and interact with their fans via audio call. Also, fans and players can create their own NFT brands, buy properties and houses, build bars and museums, and even live near their favorite stars. As long as you own a DPGU, you can create your own Metaverse world.

Project Background

Voice Street has already received $3.5 million fundings from Shima Capital, Huobi Ventures, AU21 Capital, Dragon Roark and others.

The recently released video of the Metaverse game shows that VS has a strong team in game development. Ark of panda is a next-generation style game based on Unity 3D. Being a virtual reality game, it refers to the cyberpunk style when designing its game. The game graphics use a 3A-level graphics rendering engine to achieve a real-time ray tracing system, thereby achieving ultra-clear next-generation graphics effect and a cool music game atmosphere. Game strategist Allen Yan was the founder of Spade 9 LLC and the Director of Marketing at Asian Gaming Ventures (AGV). He has more than a decade of experience in game marketing and promotion.

In the music industry, Allen Tan was the former general manager of music artist management at Warner Records Global,the former general manager of EMI Records. Jason Stelzel was also a music composer at Warner Bros and previously worked as a senior consultant for XPlatform Consulting.These music veterans are experts in the music market and have a keen eye for selecting qualified musicians and great music work.

The Future

Voice Street aims to serve as a bridge between fans and musicians. This goal is more ambitious than that of other music NFT platforms. In the future, Voice Street will develop more Gamefi games and Socialfi applications based on music. In addition, Voice Street will establish a musician incubation program to help new musicians realize their dream of being on stage and to promote interaction between music creators and fans, which can be profitable for both sides.

Voice Street is building a huge on-chain music Web3 infrastructure. It relies on NFT and its property rights to motivate independent musicians, music projects, and brands to participate in creating music NFT, and to benefit the community, fans, and all contributors.

What will Voice Street look like when all these plans come to fruition?

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